“What are Hiring Managers Buying?” – Here’s What an Employer Really Wants

The Career Center has worked with hundreds of employers to help connect them with students to interview for job and internship openings. We’ve talked with many of them about what qualities they look for in the students they end up hiring. Here’s some of the advice that RedVentures, a South Carolina-based marketing agency, had to give:

  • Their recruiters will spend approximately six seconds looking at your resume. And they will spend most of those six seconds looking at your name, your education, and whatever position is listed first on your resume. Think about this – what is the most important or related experience you have for the job you’re applying to? That’s the one that needs to be positioned closest to the top of your document!
  • Social media can make or break you! RedVentures says that 93% of recruiters will look at your “digital footprint” at some point throughout their interview process. Make sure any questionable content on Facebook, Twitter, etc., is either removed or made completely private. However, not all social media should be deleted or hidden – don’t forget to take time to craft an amazing LinkedIn profile. Is LinkedIn really that big of a deal, you might ask? RedVentures answers: 89% of recruiters have hired someone through LinkedIn!
  • If you land an interview, RedVentures hires candidates who research their company thoroughly before the interview and who have thoughtful, prepared questions to ask. They also look for an email or a handwritten note thanking them for their time and referencing something you liked or learned in the interview. At the end of your note/email, remind them again why you’re the perfect person for the position.

So there you have it, straight from the source! If you think you might need help with your resume, your interviewing skills, your LinkedIn profile, or anything career-related, don’t hesitate to give the Career Center a call (478-445-5384) and set up an appointment with a career advisor. And if you dread talking on the phone, simply stop by (110 Lanier Hall) or send us an email (career.center@gcsu.edu)!



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