Need Career Direction? We have an App for that!

Screen shot showing Career Connection checklist on Bobcat Tracks

What a busy summer! We usually finish the summer in the Career Center wishing we had a bit more time to work on new programs for the upcoming year. However, this summer we cannot wait for students to return because we are anxious to show off the new GC Career App. It’s the first university app available to GC students, and it’s entirely focused on helping you navigate the career development process. If you have an iPhone or iPad as well an any Android phone, you can download the app for free.

The GC Career App connects with you with our blog, social media, and events calendar. You also have access to Bobcat Tracks which is the main portion of the app. Bobcat Tracks is a topical checklist that follows the order of the career development process: assess, explore, experience, and plan. We purposely did not organize it by class-year because we know that everyone enters and progresses differently along the career development continuum. Plus, we think that most people will do a little bit of the career exploration process each year of college (assess, explore, experience, and plan) – or at least they should!

The App will not tell you what to do with the rest of your life, but we hope it will be a fun way for you to track your career progression. This App even encourages you to get involved on campus and provides some suggestions on leadership opportunities you can pursue. Getting involved on campus is a major component to career success because of the transferable skills you will obtain that employers are seeking. Academics are important but once you have the degree, employers will want to know that you have the leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills to succeed in the workplace.

Don’t forget to the check out the GC Career App in the iTunes App Store or the Android App Market. Use the App to see what you’ve done so far, and then visit us in 232 Lanier Hall to see a career advisor so you can work on the areas that you haven’t explored or need to review. You can also call us at 478-445-5384 to make an appointment.

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