Defrost your internship search

The internship search can seem overwhelming at times.  At this point in the semester, the summer feels far away. For top internship programs though, recruiting season is here.  Here are some tips to  get your summer internship search ‘heated up.’

  • Break your search into smaller, manageable tasks. “Find an internship” should not be on your to-do list, because it’s too large and not realistic.  The Career Center has some great resources that can help you with the internship tasks and timeline.
  • Defrost your resume.  Many people don’t update their resume until it’s absolutely necessary, but a clean, updated resume that is specialized for your career interests will go a long way to finding the internship.  Have it reviewed by a pair of fresh eyes for the best results.
  • Do three things a week. Setting a manageable task list on a realistic time line can go a long way to gaining momentum in your search.
  • Check deadlines.  Established internship programs have application deadlines.  Research deadlines for internships that interest you and apply in advance of the deadline.  Some employers may review applications as they return.  Don’t be the last in line!
  • Use Career Connection. Browse internship and employer listings on Career Connection to narrow your search.  Check out the Resource Library for extra information about the internship search, resumes, interviewing, and more!
  • Talk to people about your search. Network, network, network.  When it comes to searching for a job or internship, you can’t network too much.  Talk to the Career Center, your faculty members, family and friends, and find professional associations to connect with people in your field.  Also, remember if no one knows you’re searching, they cannot help you.
  • Complete a mock interview in the Career Center.  Practice the skills before you have any interviews lined up, so your skills will be polished for the big day.
  • Use social media.  You’re going to do this anyway, why not spend the same time on your internship search?  Utilize LinkedIn to network and Twitter to locate employers and internships.

In addition, we are having several programs this semester specifically geared towards helping students with the internship search.  Your Summer Internship Search is an internship search workshop that will be January 26 at 12:30 p.m. in our office, 232 Lanier Hall.  Check our website and Career Connection for a more detailed list of career fairs and workshops!

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