Bobcat Career Spotlight- Nicole Moyo


Nicole Nomalanga Moyo




Management, Economics minor



When do you expect to graduate from GC?

May 9, 2015

How did the career center help you succeed?

The career center set me on the path to a purpose-driven career path through offering resume review sessions, networking opportunities and strategic career plan meetings. Through the help of the career center I was able to participate in an internship that aligns with my career goals.

What advice do you have for students?

It is never too early to start preparing for life after graduation.


Real World Experience in my Back Pocket

By Lauren Thompson

When I began Georgia College in 2011 I had no direction in terms of choosing a major, let alone choosing a future career. I finally decided to study Psychology and Management in the middle of my sophomore year; but I was still unclear as to what jobs interested me.

It is because of my lack of direction that I decided to get as much short term understanding and experience of the business world that I could. I began by applying to anything and everything that interested me.  As an undergraduate with only seasonal retail and server experience on my resume, I decided that it was vital to make strategic use of my working time even if it meant being unpaid for a short while.

Something that I did not realize when I applied to my second, third and fourth internships was that intern experiences on undergraduate resumes are rare. The internship experience I gained really does set me apart from the rest of the crowd, especially since I can articulate exactly how each experience led to my professional development.

Now that I have this real world experience in my back pocket I have a clearer understanding of my future career path as a Talent Acquisition Professional. I know what organizational size and industries that are a best fit for me. I am better aware of what kind of employment package that an entry-level employee in my field can expect and I feel confident to negotiate for these needs.

The benefits that my internship experiences have given me far exceed my personal development. I have my “foot in the door” and am confident in the contacts and mentors that I have made in four different organizations. My decision to narrow my undergraduate job searches to solely internship experiences will make me competitive in my future job search endeavors.

Lauren Thompson is a senior, psychology and management major at Georgia College.  Lauren is currently working in her fourth, undergraduate internship experience at the University Career Center.

.Lauren T

In with the Interns- The Search Process

In with the interns

Nicole Pitts, Senior, Mass Communication Major

Internship Location – Make-A-Wish, Georgia

How I found my Internship:

I knew from the start that I wanted to complete my internship with a nonprofit. I went to the website of every nonprofit I could think of and started creating a list of internships that interested me. However, I actually found out about the internship at Make-A-Wish Georgia through the Mass Communication department’s email list. Throughout the year they send internship and job opportunities to all students in the department and Make-A-Wish Georgia happened to be one of them. I got lucky that Make-A-Wish Georgia did their interview and decision making process quickly. I applied at the end of September and accepted the position before the end of October.

Advice for students looking for Internships:

Look for Internships early and often, use your network of contacts and send your resume out everywhere. The worst that will happen is someone will tell you no, but you also might be surprised at who says yes.

My internship experience so far:

I have loved working with Make-A-Wish Georgia. I’m learning a lot, because there is always something to be done. The greatest part is that everyone in the office is interested in what type of jobs the interns are looking for. They truly want to help us network with other people/organizations so we can land jobs after the internship. Also, my supervisor is willing to give me a lot of responsibilities, other than just your typical administrative duties most interns get. I was on conference calls with board members and in meetings with corporate sponsors during my first week on the job!

Are you interested in gaining Internship experience?

Visit the Career Center’s Internship Site to find out more.

Internship Week – March 2-6, 2015

Bobcat Career Spotlight- Lauren Thompson

Lauren BCS

Year: Senior

Major: Psychology

Hometown: Gainesville, GA

Background: My internship experience through college has centered around HR and Talent Management. I’ve had the outstanding opportunity to experience these fields of work from diverse perspectives ranging from small business, higher education and even corporate settings like UPS.

How did the career center help you succeed? I owe every interview opportunity I have had over the past 3 years to the Career Center. Not only have they helped me find internship openings through job fairs and, but they have also provided me the tools to succeed in these interviews. Resume reviews, mock interviews, LinkedIn workshops, dress for success workshops, and the one-on-one coaching sessions are all programs that thoroughly developed me into the professional student that employers have recognized and hired.

Any advice for students? My advice for other students is to get into a  program that will keep you accountable to utilizing as many of the resources that the Career Center has to offer. They are here for you! Some great programs include the Elevator Pitch Competition or Backpack to Briefcase; just walk in to the office and ask for the opportunity that’s best for you!

Attending a career fair can be intimidating, but the Career Center has got your back!

I recently had the opportunity to go to a career fair with over 80 employers in Atlanta at the Cobb Galleria with the Career Center. It was a bit nerve-racking knowing that you would have to answer the question “tell me about yourself” many times, but I can say that it never felt more natural answering the variety of questions the recruiters asked. Leading up to the career fair, the Career Center gave me more confidence in my elevator pitch and resume. There were a few different schools there, but I could tell that Georgia College students were the most prepared and professional. Thanks to the Career Center, I made numerous contacts at different organizations including CNN, UPS, Norfolk Southern, and more! I cannot thank the Career Center enough for their constant pursuit of developing students to be confident professionals! It doesn’t matter if you are a Freshman or Senior, visit the Career Center and attend a career fair!

Bobcat Career Spotlight- Justus Wood

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We are so proud of Justus Wood, recent winner of Northwestern Mutual’s Elevator Pitch Competition. Check out his interview for the Bobcat Career Spotlight below:


Justus Wood




Business Administration in Management



When do you expect to graduate from GC?

I plan to graduate the summer of 2015 or December of 2015, depending if I secure an internship for the summer.

How did the career center help you succeed?

The Career Center helped me tremendously. I previously thought I was doing a good job of preparing myself for a future career, but the Career Center gently showed me that there was a lot of room for improvement. They helped me thoroughly refine my resume, gave me opportunities to practice my interviewing skills, and coached me through maintaining a professional personality.

So instead of being worried about being ready for a career in the real world, I feel more prepared than ever thanks to the Career Center.

What advice do you have for students?

When you get weighed down with stress from school like we all do, remember this:

Unlike thousands of individuals who can’t afford the time or money to be in school, you do. By slightly changing your perspective about school, you’ll enjoy it more, make better grades, and be much more likely to succeed after school.

My internship with Force Marketing

Last summer, I interned with Force Marketing, one of the nation’s premier automotive direct mail marketing agencies. They were recently rated one of Atlanta’s best and brightest companies to work for! I can honestly say that I would have NEVER got this internship without the help of the Career Center! The resources that they offer on campus are irreplaceable! I saw on Groupon the other day that a resume review done by a “special” company was over $50! What?! Good thing Georgia College students don’t have to worry about that. They can simply drop by Lanier 110 and make an appointment to get an amazing resume review. One of the first things the Force Marketing interviewer said to me was, “you have a really impressive looking resume.” The Career Center offers so much more than resume reviews. I attribute getting TWO internships to the Career Center because they helped me with my strategic plans, LinkedIn profile, and professional attire! I almost forgot— I found and applied (and eventually got) the Force Marketing internship on Career Connection! The interface was so easy and once my resume was on my profile, I simply pushed “submit my resume” to the hundreds of jobs posted online! Thank you, Career Center! I plan to use you much more in the future