Searching for Hidden Internships

How is an internship search like an Easter egg hunt? 

Some of the best ones are hidden!  The ones in plain sight are easy to spot, but everyone can see them and they get snatched up just as quickly.  What are you doing to find hidden internships?

It has been speculated and research supports that up to 80% of job openings are filled without being advertised, and the same principle holds true for internships.  Why is this number so high? Oftentimes, an employer knows where to find a candidate through their own professional networks.  They may find the right candidate through a colleague or former intern.  The organization might have ties to the college’s career center and academic departments to locate students with matching qualifications.  The next question becomes: who knows you’re looking for an internship?

Internships can also be somewhat hidden on the organization’s website.  The most logical place for internships is on a company’s careers website, but this is not always the case.  Due to the changing nature of hiring jobs and interns, positions on the website may be outdated or a careers page may be nonexistent.  Another place to check is the “About Us” page.  In nonprofit organizations, internships are often listed under volunteer opportunities.

You can also utilize the website’s search option to find internships.  A simple Google search for the organization’s name and your internship search keywords can yield results that don’t appear on the company’s website.  Even if the post is outdated, it never hurts to inquire about future opportunities!

Tips to ‘cracking’ the hidden internship search:

  • Attend career fairs like the upcoming GACE College-to-Career Fair in Atlanta
  • Vary your search strategies through networking and internet searches
  • Utilize Career Connection at — organizations that want GC students post with us!
  • Build your network through attending professional association events
  • Conduct informational interviews to make connections and learn about possible openings
  • Inquire directly to the organization about opportunities.  Hint: don’t simply ask, “Do you have internships?” Try to lead with open-ended questions to get the conversation moving!
  • Write a letter of interest that directly relates your qualifications, accomplishments, and career interests to what you can accomplish as their intern.

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