A Career Fair Success Story: Claire Neiland

Claire Neiland is a senior Psychology major with a Public Health minor at Georgia College. Last semester, Fall 2018, she was taking her senior seminar class where she was pushed to succeed. In her class, the Career Center came to speak about the All Industry Career & Internship Expo, as well as other career fairs happening on campus. Their class was informed about all of the opportunities available for students to come into contact with employers. Claire was interested in going to the fall All Industry Career & Internship Expo and took the initiative to prepare for this event which led her to land a job with Insight Global.

During this brief interview with Claire, we asked her to share with us how she utilized the career fair successfully and the resources that are available to all students to help you pursue your career.

Here is some of Claire’s advice:
Q: For a student that has never been, what advice would you give them?

A: The advice I would give to someone who has never been to the career fair is to prepare with the Career Center before the event and to just feel confident in who you are. There is a lot of pressure behind our future careers, but the companies at the career fair are there to meet you and just have a simple conversation. Just be yourself and don’t put too much pressure on yourself!

Q: How did you prepare for the career fair?

A: I felt prepared for the career fair mainly through my senior seminar class. The Career Center came to talk to my class several different times and they helped us with what to know and what to expect. I also made appointments with a career advisor to get my resume reviewed, complete a mock interview, and search for jobs. I researched the companies that were going to be there and looked up more information about them so that I would be prepared in conversation with them. 

Q: What did you do to make a good first impression on the employers?

A: I made sure I was outgoing and went up to the different employers to start a conversation. I was fully engaged in the conversations and asked them questions about their company and jobs, as well as asked if they had any questions for me. I left my resume with them and followed up with them afterward.

Q: How did the Career Center help prepare you for this event?

A: The Career Center made sure I was fully prepared prior to the career fair and I knew I could go to them for everything. They informed me about how to leave a good first impression, how to make my resume the best it could be, and how to dress professionally. I would have felt very lost without the career center’s help.

Q: What actions did you take to follow up after the fair and stand out from other students who attended as well? 

A: After the event, I sent thank you emails to follow up with the employers. This can help them put a name with a face and remember who they talked to. I made sure to show my interest in their company, as well. This led to phone calls and interviews that ultimately landed me a job!

So, Claire Neiland had her success story from first speaking to Insight Global at the Career Fair and in the end, she received a job. Just like Claire, you can have your own success story by attending our upcoming events where many employers are coming to meet you. We have our Non-Profit & Government Career Fair, and the Science, Engineering, & Math Industry Night, February 26. After that, we have our All Industry Career & Internship Expo, February 27. Finally, the next day we have Media & Communications Interview Day, February 28. All of the details are in Handshake – if you haven’t done so, claim your account today. 

Resumes are a must for career fairs. Need help with your resume? Stop by the Career Center any time next week (February 18-22) from 10:00am-5:00pm for a resume review with a career advisor. 

Employers coming to campus want to meet you and it’s a great opportunity for you to connect with them. It doesn’t matter what year you are or your major, all are welcome. Explore options and network – like Claire, you never know what can happen!