“Is this what I want to do for the rest of my life?”

The first month of a fresh semester is already coming to a close and I am still trying to get used my new schedule. I went from morning classes every morning last year, to actually being able to sleep in for a little bit. Unfortunately, I barely get to sleep in. During the morning, I’ve been using that time to do all the homework I forgot to do the night before or to get a head start. It came to my advantage because over the weekend, I wasn’t as productive as I should have been and this gave me a chance to mull over some things that had been on my brain since the beginning of the semester. Maybe I should start from the beginning…

This past Saturday and Sunday, I relaxed and binge watched Netflix, but Monday was a full work day for me. I set up my agenda with all the major events I had going on for the following weeks, and in the midst of planning ahead, I started thinking about what I really wanted to do with my life. It was one of those random thoughts every college student has on if they ACTUALLY will be successful with their future career choice. This led to me pulling up the Google search engine and literally typing the phrases “Will I make money doing this?” as well as “How successful will I be as a Mass Communication major?” Before I knew it, I was searching for hours on websites pointing out internships, open jobs, and statistics on the job I wanted.

While I was searching all these websites, there were so many questions I was asking myself.. still. Most of these websites were confusing! Remembering that I worked at the Career Center for a brief moment, I asked a career advisor for help. He recommended that I use Career Connection, GC’s #1 job and internship search tool. It helps students and alumni find internships, jobs, employers, and I can even get help with my interviewing skills. I was relieved that I could see internships and current job openings that catered to ME in my major. After talking with the Career Center, I learned that Career Connection posts between 300-400 job postings a MONTH and has an employer database of nearly 4,000 employers. These are employers that want to hire Georgia College students specifically. There is no reason why I can’t find a job or internship that I like and fits me. I LOVEEEE IT!

CC (Career Connection) has helped me so much, and keep in mind, I’m only a sophomore. It’s geared for everyone and anyone on our campus, and even if you aren’t looking for a job in your field right now, you can still find part-time jobs on campus if you’re a little low on cash. That’s how I found out that SNAP was looking for golf cart drivers at night, and the pay is pretty good. Regardless, every student should check it out! Trust me: Career Connection will be beneficial now and in the long run!

Jai Fitzgerald
Sophomore Mass Communication Major







Welcome Back Bobcats!

Welcome Back to Georgia College for the Spring Semester Bobcats! Classes are back in action, clubs have restarted, and homecoming is right around the corner.

The Career Center is also excited to work with you this semester. Check out our events calendar on Career Connection at www.gcsu.edu/career for a sneak peek!