Intern with SouthernCare Hospice

November is National Hospice Month, and we’re featuring internships and volunteer opportunities with SouthernCare Hospice in Macon.

SouthernCare, Inc. is one of the nation’s largest hospice providers. SouthernCare is a privately owned company that has over 75 offices in 15 states and provides care to over 3000 patients each day. The organization provides services to patients who reside in private homes, group homes, assisted living facilities and skilled nursing facilities.

SouthernCare Hospice is looking for interns and volunteers to serve in the Macon/Middle Georgia area. Volunteers and interns perform a variety of tasks as needed with hospice patients, which may include reading, visiting, running errands, and working with families.  Enthusiastic and compassionate students with an interest in working with people are a good fit for internship and volunteer positions with SouthernCare.

Want more information? Link to internship in Career Connection:

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