Real World Experience in my Back Pocket

By Lauren Thompson

When I began Georgia College in 2011 I had no direction in terms of choosing a major, let alone choosing a future career. I finally decided to study Psychology and Management in the middle of my sophomore year; but I was still unclear as to what jobs interested me.

It is because of my lack of direction that I decided to get as much short term understanding and experience of the business world that I could. I began by applying to anything and everything that interested me.  As an undergraduate with only seasonal retail and server experience on my resume, I decided that it was vital to make strategic use of my working time even if it meant being unpaid for a short while.

Something that I did not realize when I applied to my second, third and fourth internships was that intern experiences on undergraduate resumes are rare. The internship experience I gained really does set me apart from the rest of the crowd, especially since I can articulate exactly how each experience led to my professional development.

Now that I have this real world experience in my back pocket I have a clearer understanding of my future career path as a Talent Acquisition Professional. I know what organizational size and industries that are a best fit for me. I am better aware of what kind of employment package that an entry-level employee in my field can expect and I feel confident to negotiate for these needs.

The benefits that my internship experiences have given me far exceed my personal development. I have my “foot in the door” and am confident in the contacts and mentors that I have made in four different organizations. My decision to narrow my undergraduate job searches to solely internship experiences will make me competitive in my future job search endeavors.

Lauren Thompson is a senior, psychology and management major at Georgia College.  Lauren is currently working in her fourth, undergraduate internship experience at the University Career Center.

.Lauren T


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