My Consulting Internship with GovStrive Led to a Full-time Job

By Lauren Darrow


Last May, I was a junior struggling to find an internship and was extremely frustrated with my search. Finals came and I was still without an internship. Then, the Career Center send out an email the day of my last final and my friend encouraged me to apply to an internship mentioned in the email. I applied through Career Connection for the internship, and luckily, I received a phone interview and then an in-person interview. I landed the internship and couldn’t had been more excited. Looking back, I have been so thankful for the Career Center sharing this opportunity with me. Since completing my internship with GovStrive, I have worked part-time with them the past school year and recently have been offered a full-time position after graduation. I would highly encourage any GC student to utilize the services offered by the Career Center.

Currently, I am helping GovStrive select new interns.  If any junior business major is interested in consulting, they should definitely consider applying for the internship with GovStrive.  Campus interviews are Thursday, April 17 in the Career Center.  To be considered, create or login to your account on Career Connection at, upload your resume, and then submit your resume to the Campus Interview Schedule section of Career Connection.



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