About Us

Who are we?
The University Career Center collaborates with faculty, campus colleagues and employers to create a bridge between college and career.  We provide career development programming and services to students and alumni. These programs and services are designed to empower students to actively explore, pursue and implement career and education decisions as they seek life-long career satisfaction. Contact us at career.center@gcsu.edu or 478-445-5384 to make an appointment. We want to help you be competitive for anything you want whether it’s a part-time job, internship, full-time job, or graduate/professional school.

University Career Center Staff

Mary Roberts, Director
Dwayne Peterson, Assistant Director – Career Development
Josey Cameron, Assistant Director – Employer Relations & Internships
Carlye Petro, Career Development Coordinator
Shantrell Bowe, Career Development Coordinator
Kaela Jimenez, Career Development Coordinator
Shameka Mapp, Career Development Coordinator
Pamela Santamaria, Career Development Coordinator
Kendra Evans, Internship Coordinator
Felicia Moutry, Internship Coordinator
Michelle Mitchell, Office Coordinator

Contact Us
110 Lanier Hall – Milledgeville Campus
Schedule Appointment: Unify
Email: career.center@gcsu.edu
Phone: (478) 445-5384
Website: www.gcsu.edu/career

Find jobs and internships through Career Connection.
GC students and alumni can register for Career Connection on our website.


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