What is LinkedIn & Why You Should Use It

Have you ever wondered what LinkedIn is and how it can help you in college and in your future career? Well, you have come to the right place! First of all, LinkedIn is a networking tool used by students and professionals alike. There are several uses of LinkedIn that you can use to your benefit as you begin your transition from college to your first job out in the real world.

Here is why you should use it:

It could potentially be an expanded version of your resume.

            Sometimes students and professionals have so much experience that it won’t all fit on their one page resume, so this is where LinkedIn comes in. On your profile, you can put all your experience and skills on there where there is no limit. You can even add more to the entries you already have on your resume to explain them even further in detail.

You have the ability to connect and network with classmates, alumni, and companies.

            This is one of the most used features of LinkedIn. You can connect with people all over the world, or right down to your classmates in your business class. You never know which one of your connections could help you get that dream job you always wanted, or help you connect with someone that you would like to do an informational interview with. Plus, it is a great way for your classmates and colleagues to keep up with what you are accomplishing while in college or in your career.

You can search for jobs anywhere!

            Everyone wants a job after college, right? Their job search tool is a great place to start if you do not know where to begin. You can specify your desired geographical area , and what industry you prefer. You can also search by experience level, which includes internships and entry-level positions. You might even find a job that you never thought existed, and that you would be great at! Finding the right job does take some time, so don’t become discouraged if you do not find the right one for you the first day of your search.

LinkedIn can help you create a professional brand.

            One of the most important things college students should begin to think about is their professional brand. You want a professional brand that reflects you and all your accomplishments thus far. You can further tailor your brand to what you want your future to be like as well. Having a professional brand helps you become competitive among your classmates and colleagues so you can get that job you have always wanted.


Want to learn even more about LinkedIn? Come to one of the Career Center’s LinkedIn Meet-Ups, or schedule an appointment with one of our professionals to get your LinkedIn profile reviewed!


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