Preparing for Career Expo – 4 Easy Tips

Hello Bobcats! I hope you all have been taking advantage of our events so far, like Internship Week and Resume Review Day!

We have another big event coming up that we are very excited about. It’s the  Career Expo on March7th! It is open to all grade levels and majors, and will be hosted in the Magnolia Ballroom. There will be over 50 companies and employers looking to hire GC students for full-time, part-time, and internship opportunities. Career Expo is the largest campus career fair of the year! The complete list of employers can be found on Career Connection under our events schedule. If there is an employer you are particularly interested in, you might be able to interview with them during the second-half of this event! You won’t want to miss this event; it is a wonderful opportunity to network and to give your career path a boost!

Never been to a Career Expo before? Not sure how to prepare for the upcoming Career Expo? No worries! On March 2nd we will be hosting a Career Expo Boot Camp in A&S 155 at 5:30PM to help you prepare and knock the Career Expo out of the park! Mark your calendars for the Boot Camp, but in the meantime, here are 4 Easy Tips to review as you prepare:

  1. Review the list of employers on Career Connection so you can update and cater your resume accordingly. You will want to bring plenty of copies of your resume to pass out to employers as you network. The best way to do this at the Expo or any Career Fair is to have a padfolio to keep your resume and other materials handy, such as your business card to pass out or a notepad to take notes! Need your resume reviewed? Come see us today, February 29th for our Resume Review Day. You don’t need an appointment! Just your resume and a smile!
  2. What does networking even mean anyway? The best way to learn how to network is practice! Before the Expo, you will want to rehearse your elevator pitch, or introduction. Your elevator pitch should be about 30 seconds, and explain who you are, a little about your background or your passion, and what you hope to pursue. This is the perfect introduction as you walk up to employers and get the conversation started to network effectively. Still a little unsure about to practice your elevator pitch? Check out this cool video for some further direction and examples!
  3. Dress for success! This is the fun part, who doesn’t love to dress up? Ladies, this means you have the option of a pant suit, skirt suit, or dress with a blazer. Nothing should be too tight, and skirts/dresses should be finger-tip length. Also, make sure your blouse or shirt is not low-cut and wear heels of appropriate height. Fellas, this means you have the option of dress pants, a dress shirt, sport coat, tie, belt, and dress shoes. Please note that boat shoes do NOT equal dress shoes and your socks should match the color of your pants. We recommend a tie to make a more professional first impression. Have fun mixing and matching with the pieces you already have in your closet! If you are not sure about a piece or an outfit, feel free to take a pic and come show us at the Career Center at Lanier 110! We are happy to give you feedback to help make sure you look flawless!
  4. During the event, as you meet different employers and pass out your resume, don’t forget to ask them for a business card or their contact info. This will allow you to follow-up with them after the event with an email, thanking them for coming and taking the time to talk to you. In this follow-up email, you should also attach an additional electronic copy of your resume. This is the perfect way to make another memorable, professional impression. You’ll also want to apply online if the employer instructed you to do so.

At this point, you have rocked the Career Expo Event! You did your research [check], you updated your resume [check], you had a fluent elevator pitch [check], you looked like a boss [check], and you have sent a professional follow-up [check]. Sit back, relax, and just wait for those call backs! 🙂


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