How To Make a Lasting Impression on Your Boss

By: Iris Cochran, Career Peer Adviser
Ashley Lollar, Graduate Assistant GC Career Center

Say, you have just been awarded a job opportunity at a Fortune 500 company for your first job out of college. Great! Congratulations!

The feelings of excitement, anxiousness, and pure joy overwhelm you because this is why you spent so many sleepless nights in the library studying for exams and ultimately your passion and drive is what brought you to this pivotal point in your career.

You may be thinking, what do I do now? What is the appropriate way to act in a corporate environment? Wait, are they going to train me, because I have no idea what to do!!

Take a Deep Breath….It will all be okay!

Honestly, this is how we both felt when we began our internships, and when I (Ashley) started working as a Graduate Assistant. All these feelings are normal, but it is important to keep calm and be confident in your abilities. You would not have been selected for this job if they did not believe in your abilities.

Here are some tips from our personal experiences so that you can make a lasting impression:
– Keep calm and dress professionally

– Be confident in your abilities, & play to your strengths not your weaknesses

– Be attentive to the corporate culture and try to blend in with the culture

– Dress to fit with the corporate culture, act professionally and dress for success. Your appearance gives you an essence of who you are as a person. For example, if you look like you rolled out of bed for you 8 a.m. class, then your boss may get the wrong impression of you, and may not take you seriously. After all you look like you don’t take yourself seriously, so why would anyone else. Remember first impressions stick!

– Get to work before your boss, and leave after your boss—this shows dedication

– Don’t try to kiss up to your boss, just be yourself and work hard to achieve your goals
– Ask your boss to sit down with you to have a strategic planning meeting with you, so that you can gain a better understanding of what he or she expects of you and how you plan to get there

– When you get your assignments, try to figure out any problems by yourself, but if you still feel as though you are unsure of what to do, just ask

– On the flip side, make sure that when trying a new approach to a task or assignment that you ask your boss because you don’t want to spend hours on a task only to find out that your boss wanted it done a specific way

– If there is a problem fix it yourself, then go to your boss with the resolved issue

– Be sure to proof read your work before giving it to your boss, nothing says I don’t care like a bunch of typos and grammatical errors

– If you make a mistake, don’t keep playing the situation over in your head, just focus on what you learned from the mistake and grow from it


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