GC Alumni Spotlight: Amanda Hendry

The Career Center is proud to spotlight Amanda Hendry, a 2003 graduate of Georgia College. Amanda currently works for Sherwin-Williams and she truly loves what she does. We asked Amanda if she would like to discuss her experience at Sherwin-Williams and offer helpful career advice for our current students.  Amanda was excited to share her story with us!

What is your job title and what do you do at Sherwin-Williams?

Area Human Resources Manager – responsible for the Central Area of the Southeastern Division of Paint Stores Group, which includes approximately 250 stores and around 1,400 employees. I work directly with the Vice President of Sales for the Central Area along with seven District Management teams supporting all Human Resource functions and business strategy initiatives. I contribute to area performance by providing personnel support to my Vice Presidents of Sales, District Managers and Sales Managers; particularly in the areas of recruiting, selection, training/development, evaluation, appraisal, compensation and employee relations.

What attracted you to Sherwin-Williams and your interest in human resources?

Sherwin-Williams is a great company that has been established for almost 150 years.  SW promotes over 95% of their employees from within and this was important to me as I look for opportunities to advance my career.  I started out in an entry-level position in Human Resources and soon after realized that I enjoyed working with people and very much enjoyed employee relations.  Working in Human Resources is always interesting as no day is ever the same.

What do you like best about your job?

I love everything about my job including working with people and seeing them grow.  I enjoy the Employee relations piece of my job the most as it consistently challenges my abilities.  I love being able to travel and be in the field working with the employees that I serve.  

What are you most excited about for your career in the future?

I love my current role and it challenges me on a daily basis.  I look forward to progressing in my career and having the opportunity to move into other areas of Human Resources with Sherwin-Williams.  

What was your major at Georgia College? Any additional education or training after GC?

I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from GCSU.  I went on to complete a Legal Studies course at the University of Georgia and I received my certification in Labor Relations and Contract Administration from Cornell University.  Afterwards, I completed my Masters of Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resources.  

Did you do an internship or some other type of out-of-classroom experience?

I did not participate in an internship during college, but would recommend doing so to students.  An internship is a great way to explore a new company and will help students realize whether or not a career with that company is right for them.  

If a student wanted to do what you do, what skills should they develop?

In HR, you will always be in front of others; so, it is important to constantly work on your “people skills” and practice presenting in front of groups.  It is also beneficial to be confident in yourself and the decisions that you are making as you must gain the trust and respect of others.  Time management and organization is essential if you want to work into HR.  You must be adaptable to change and manage your time wisely.

Can you share any additional words of wisdom for our students?

It is important to understand that in order to begin a career in Human Resources, people must often start out in an entry level position where you will gain experiences that will help you advance your career.  It is imperative that you understand the business in order to understand human resources.  Additionally, any career that allows you to manage people will ultimately serve you in a Human Resources career.  Focus on building relationships with your team members, as that is critical in whatever career you may choose.  

Sherwin-Williams is currently recruiting for their Management Training Program. They will conduct campus interviews on Thursday, November 8. In addition, several other companies will be conducting campus interviews at Georgia College this semester. If you would like to participate in a campus interview, please follow these steps:

• Register in Career Connection at www.myinterfase.com/gcsu/student or use the Student Career Connection links on our website, www.gcsu.edu/career

• Upload your resume to your account.  We recommend getting your resume reviewed by our staff or using our resume samples so that your resume is employer ready! 

• Use the Campus Interview tab to pull up the active interview schedules and submit your resume to those that interest you. 

Current Schedule for Late October/November (Check for updates for other companies) 

Waffle House Operations Leadership Program – Deadline 10/29, Interviews 11/31

GEICO Leadership & Supervisor Development Programs – Deadline 10/29, Interviews on 11/6

Sherwin Williams Management Training Program – Deadline 11/1; Interviews on 11/8 

Internal Data Resources IT Recruiter – Deadline 11/2; Interviews on 11/13 

Enterprise Management Training Program – Deadline, 11/5; Interviews on 11/15


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