Effective Salary Negotiating

You are interviewing for a job. You feel confident in highlighting your skills. Then, the question arises: ” What type of salary are you seeking?” You’re not sure what to say. Have you ever been in this situation?

According to Adrienne Rowe, Assistant Vice President and Regional Employment Consultant with BB&T, being able to effectively negotiate your salary requirements can be stressful. But, knowledge and confidence will allow you to answer that question. Here are a few salary negotiation tips Ms. Rowe recommends to help you succeed.

Do’s and Don’ts of Salary Negotiation

  • Do your homework BEFORE the interview. Research salaries in your field. Do consider other benefits the company may offer. Don’t be afraid to discuss salary expectations.
  • Do understand/consider how much experience you have. Do be realistic. Don’t be afraid to toot your own horn – this is the time to sell yourself! Don’t underestimate the competition.
  •  Do verbalize how much money you NEED. Do know what you NEED vs. what you WANT. Do know how to be flexible without being too flexible.
  •  Don’t ask the interviewer about future raises/increase in salary. Do know how to effectively communicate your desires for the future.
  •  Do know how/when to decline an offer when the salary is not what you want. Do always stay professional. Do leave the interviewer with a positive note. Don’t be angry.Do ask the interviewer to consider you for future opportunities where the salary may be a better fit.

And, NEVER discuss salary until the job has been offered to you.  However, if you are asked during the interview, you can give a range but it will depend on the total package including fringe benefits.


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