The Job Search: An Employer’s Perspective

As a job-seeker, you may have wondered what employers really want. Do they prefer someone who is independent minded or more of a team player? What do they want on your resume? What do they want to see in your interview? Although the Career Center provides valuable resources to help you answer those questions, I thought having a “real world” employer’s perspective about the job search process would help job-seekers improve their chances of career success. So, I asked Madie Martin, College Recruiter with GEICO and GCSU alum, to share her insights as to what she looks for in a potential employee and how you can prepare for the job search.

JCCareer: According to the Job Outlook 2010 survey from the National Association of Colleges and Employers, many employers said they look for a variety of skills and abilities – communication skills, ability of work in a team, and strong work ethic from potential job candidates. What skills and abilities does your company look for?

Madie: We look for those skills listed above in addition to strong communication skills, a positive attitude, advancement interest and flexibility with scheduling.  

JCCareer: Does your organization utilize social media to connect with job seekers?

Madie: Yes, I have a GEICO recruiting Facebook page (friend me at, we also have a GEICO Careers page ( and a GEICO Careers Twitter page ( Make sure to check them out! We update career related articles, job postings as well as college recruiting events on these sites!

JCCareer: As a recruiter, you’ve seen thousands of resumes. What makes a standout resume?

Madie: Leadership skills and involvement outside of the classroom in addition to academic performance – a well rounded candidate.

JCCareer: Do you prefer to see an objective statement on a resume?

Madie: I’m fine with this as long as it’s tailored to the specific company/position. You have to be very careful with this though. If you’re open to a variety of fields, an objective statement is probably not the route you want to take. Word of warning: make sure not to list the wrong employer in your objective statement!

JCCareer: At career fairs, you speak to many students about your organization. How can students create a good impression with you at career fairs?

Madie: Know about the company before coming up to the table. Have a brief introduction for yourself.

JCCareer: What should potential employees do to ensure a successful interview? What should they NOT do or say in an interview?

Madie: Be prepared – research, research, research! Do not stray away from the question asked. Be concise in your answers. Be confident in your skills and abilities, but not arrogant.

JCCareer: After hiring a new employee, what must she or he do to have a successful first year on the job?

Madie: Make the most of your initial training. Learn all you can and build your skill set for future opportunities.

JCCareer: Any words of wisdom you would like to share to the class of 2011?

Madie: Research what opportunities the company can offer you that will match your career objective. Find a company you can grow with and work your way up!

To get additional information on how to prepare for your job search and to achieve career success, be sure to schedule an appointment with our staff of friendly advisors at the Career Center.


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