Ways to Start the Semester off Right.

The beginning of any semester is the most important time of the school year.  Spring semester is a new opportunity to reclaim some of the mistakes you made Fall semester. Here are some tips to start the semester off right, and to end it how you want to!

Tip #1: Unpack and Organize Immediately! It is important to start the year off with a clean and organized room. This will encourage you to keep your room this way throughout the school year. Also, the nature of your room often is reflected on the nature of your work. Don’t let a small thing like a messy room affect your determination to maintain a strong work ethic throughout the school year.
Tip #2: Buy Your Textbooks as Soon as Possible! This isn’t high school anymore. Professors have the right to assign homework on the first day of class! Students, let this be the start of your productivity during the school year, don’t wait until your classes start. Many bookstores run out of the books that you need very quickly. There are other options, such as buying online, however books can take up to 3-4 weeks with that method. Don’t fall behind, be proactive, buy early!

Tip #3: Start Projects Early! If you are a returning college student, unfortunately procrastination is a term that has probably been applied to work that you have completed before. It’s a new beginning, throw procrastination out the window! You will be able to complete the project with your best effort and enjoy it much more if you start on it early. Make a schedule of the what work needs to be accomplished in what time to keep yourself motivated and on track.

Tip #4: Actually attend class! To avoid any confusion, unanswered questions and wasted money, GO TO CLASS! It is always better for a professor to know your name because you attend class regularly and ask questions rather than them noticing your name because of all the red absent marks next to it. You paid for your education, so use it. It is also important to attend class so that you are able to prepare yourself fully for upcoming tests and assignments.

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