Quick Tips: Working a Career Fair

With the Internship Fair coming up next week, it’s timely to talk about how to work a career fair. More to follow at the “How to Prepare for the Internship Fair” workshop this Wednesday at 12:30 in 232 Lanier Hall!

  • Preparation is key.  Research the attending companies and the opportunities they offer (the University Career Center advertises them on Career Connection).  Did you know the #1 complaint from employers at career fairs is that students have not researched their company?
  • Think of questions you want to ask employers about their internships or other opportunities.
  • Practice your 15-second speech to employers before the fair.  Example: “My name is Michelle, and I’m a Mass Communication major.  I’m very interested in learning about internships at your company.  Can you tell me more about them?”
  • Attire, dahling!  Professional attire is always appropriate for career fairs.  Slacks and a collared shirt (or, to be more casual, a polo shirt) for gentlemen are appropriate, while appropriate attire for women is a little less defined.  Whether ladies wear a skirt, slacks, or a simple professional dress and cardigan, it is important to keep cuts conservative to draw attention to a winning personality.
  • Go to employers’ booths you might not have thought about previously.  Your dream internship could be just a few networking contacts away!
  • Don’t start with your favorite employer table.  Walk around and take a few deep breaths before tackling your favorite organization.  It’s always good to practice your opening lines with other recruiters as you settle your nerves.

For these and more helpful hints, attend the workshop on Wednesday!


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