Back To School

For returning college students, it’s time to plan (or not plan) out the semester.  While you already know what classes you’ll be taking, think about your involvement on campus.  Whether students are involved in community service, Greek, faith-based, athletic, academic, or any number of on and off-campus organizations, campus involvement and leadership leads to skill development and sometimes inadvertent career exploration.  Take event planning for example–it’s easy to get a taste of what a career in event planning would be like.  Volunteer to help plan an event for your organization or complete an event planning internship.  There are several employers on Career Connection, both non-profit and for-profit, that have some component of event planning in their operations.  You’ll learn fairly quickly if the field is a good fit for you!  However, event planning is only one example.  Select something you think might be fun and interesting and try it for a semester or two.  You could be surprised what career insight volunteer experiences, leadership roles,  and internships will give you.


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